Research on the impairment in the ability to recognize familiar faces

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Lab Members

Professor Martin Eimer

Martin is the Professor who heads the Brain and Behaviour Lab. He studied Psychology and Philosophy in Germany, and was a Lecturer at Cambridge University before joining Birkbeck College in 2000. In the past 20 years, Martin has employed electrophysiological and behavioural measures to investigate perception, attention, emotion, and motor control. He has published more than 160 articles on these topics in leading journals in the field, and his research is widely cited. Face perception and face recognition are one of his main research interests.

E-mail: m.eimer at

Katie Fisher

Katie has recently completed her PhD with the Brain and Behaviour Lab. Her research explores facial recognition in the context of emotion and facial expression. She is interested in using EEG to investigate signals from the brain in response to the perception and recognition of expressive faces, and to find out whether these signals differ between prosopagnosic and control groups.

Email: kfishe05 at

Sue Nicholas

Sue started out doing clerical work for the Department of the Environment and then the Greater London Council. Bored by clerical work, she retrained in Electronics, and went to work as a Technician, initially at Middlesex Polytechnic and now, for almost twenty years, at Birkbeck College. She has gained an Open University BSc degree and an MSc in Computer Science from Birkbeck College. She provides technical and admin support in the Brain and Behaviour Lab and also assists with research. Sue is faceblind and attends The London Faceblind Group support group.

Email: s.nicholas at